Boot Manager and Partitioning Tool

BootIt® Collection

The BootIt Collection covers multi-booting, partitioning, and disk imaging on traditional PC’s that use the standard BIOS and newer PC’s that use UEFI. The collection includes BootIt Bare Metal (BIBM) for standard BIOS systems and BootIt UEFI (BIU) for UEFI systems. With the BootIt Collection both new and old PC’s are covered, whether they utilize a traditional BIOS or the newer UEFI.

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BootIt® Bare Metal

BootIt Bare Metal has always been a go-to application for Windows PC’s. BootIt Bare Metal is a powerful tool for personal computers with standard PC BIOS (Basis Input Output System).

BootIt® UEFI

Today, many new computers have replaced the traditional “BIOS” with a UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). BootIt UEFI supports the newer UEFI specifications, that means owners of the BootIt Collection can work with computers that utilize either standard!

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