BootIt Collection: Purchase

Special Bundle Pricing

Purchase the BootIt Collection and the Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite together for the ultimate software package.

All for only $59.98!

BootIt Collection

Additional Licenses Available:

Personal or Home Use Bonus: Each single license purchased for non-business-use covers up to five systems in the household.

QuantityPrice (US$)

1-14$39.95/ea 15-24$29.44/ea 25-49$22.94/ea 50-99$17.01/ea 100-999$13.02/ea 1000+$6.15/ea

Image Deployment License

The Deployment License enables companies to deploy (restore) images to additional computers throughout the company. You will need to purchase at least one copy of Image for DOS, Image for Linux, Image for Windows to create the images. See the License Agreement included with those programs for more details.

Deployment ComputersPrice (US$)

1-24$10.00/ea 25-49$7.00/ea 50-99$4.50/ea 100-499$3.01/ea 500-999$2.35/ea 1000-4999$1.89/ea 5000-9999$1.25/ea 10000-19999$0.90/ea 20000+$0.75/ea

License Transfer Agreement

The License Transfer Agreement is available at no additional charge. It enables companies that provide computerized systems the ability to transfer certain Full-Use License Rights with those systems. The product licenses are purchased by the company and transferred to the company’s customers.

To acquire the License Transfer Agreement or obtain a review copy, please email a request to Please be sure the email comes from your company email address and contains your name, title, company name, address, phone number, web site address, and a description of the company.