TeraByte Unlimited Freeware

This page contains software titles which are provided as freeware by TeraByte Unlimited

BurnCDCC is a Windows utility that allows you to quickly and easily burn an ISO file to a CD/DVD/BD.

This utility will display the partition information in the MBR, EMBR, and GPT. The output can be redirected to a file and sent for review if needed.  Supports DOS, Linux and Windows.

Self-contained Windows Domain Workstation utility.  Validate and Repair Domain Trust; Rejoin Domain; Change Workstation Domain Password.

With Drop to DOS, you can right click on any folder and choose the Drop to DOS option to take you to a command prompt within that folder.   Note the binary is not signed and requires elevation to install/uninstall on Windows Vista or later (still works on the latest Windows versions).

MBR allows you to manipulate a drive’s master boot record (MBR) via the command line. For example, MBR is capable of deleting all the partitions in a MBR, zeroing out a MBR, installing a standard MBR, and more. MBR runs under DOS/Linux/Windows and is intended to complement other TeraByte Unlimited products.

This handy utility allows you to quickly change some of the Internet Zone settings for Internet Explorer. Especially handy for those who browse with Active Scripting disabled and want to temporarily access a website that requires it.  Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported in the latest Windows versions.

Extract it is a DOS based data report extractor utility. It enables you to extract and export selected fields from an ASCII report file to a standard ASCII delimited file. This file can be imported to just about any database or spreadsheet application.

Users are able to save the specification file and reuse or modify it for use with any other report files. Report files are created by redirecting your application to print to a text file, downloading the report from a larger computer system (such as IBM System/36, 38, or AS400), or by obtaining another utility that can capture data being printed to your printer and redirect it to a file (several excellent shareware programs are available to do just this).

This utility will allow you to edit \BOOT.INI in an NTFS partition from DOS or Win9x.

This DOS utility will display BIOS and ATA details of your drives.

MSGBOX is a simple DOS utility to display a message box and wait for input from the user. You would typically use this in a batch file with errorlevel to determine the user’s response.

MBRWork is a utility to perform some common and uncommon tasks to the MBR/EMBR sectors of a hard drive. It should only be used by power users who understand how computers work. The readme.txt file in the ZIP contains a list of the tasks available.

SFC (Subdir File Compare) is a command line utility you can use to compare a base directory with a target directory. It verifies that all files from the base directory (and all sub-directories) exist on the target with the same content. Differences in the file time and date are ignored.

FileProc is a utility that allows you to process files by executing a command or program that takes a file as a parameter. The files can be selected by the status of the archive flag as well as other criteria of your choice. FileProc runs under DOS and Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/2003.

Use this program to create a file that is a byte-for-byte copy of a 1.44-MB or 1.2-MB floppy diskette or create a diskette based on such a file. You can also use this utility to expand the CDBOOT.F35 included with Image for DOS/Windows for use with BINGBURN.

This small program is used to create a floppy diskette that simply boots the HDD. This special-purpose utility is useful for users whose system doesn’t support booting of an add-in adapter that is being used to support the only drive in the system.

This small program is used to create a bootable ISO file based off an image of a diskette or partition.

ZMerge captures print files (aka spool files) that are redirected to disk by Windows 95. It then merges those files in to one print (or spool) file. For use with Windows 95. It was originally developed for use with ZetaFax but can be used for other purposes as well.

This special purpose utility was developed for Roland VS2480 Digital Audio Workstation users who wanted a way to access the partitions from another operating system.