BootIt® Bare Metal: Testimonials

Here is a very small selection of what people are saying about BootIt Bare Metal:

“The best imaging backup solution for windows “

tried …, …, … and Image for Windows (IFW) beats them all in functionality, speed and features. For example I needed to create a bootable CD that needed no intervention to recover a remote server in case of failure and with this application is very easy, it includes a command line version with many options. None of the others could do this and this app cost only $38, the other server solutions are > $1000 !!! Another good thing about this is the byte by byte verification, so that you can be 100% sure that the backup is OK. None of the others has this. The list of features goes on and on … One other great feature is that it works on x64 !!! I’m very happy with this product. Try it and see what you’ve been missing.


“It saved my system many times”

Fast, simple, very reliable and with a good array of features and possible plugins, IFW is probably the best imaging software on the market. Either if you make a direct DVD image boot disk or a “file” on a external drive and a boot disk with IFW plug-in with BartPE builder, you cannot go wrong. Byte for byte verification is a plus, which gives us peace of mind. Used Norton Ghost 9.0 which is slower, eats a lot of memory and by no means is a reliable as IFW. Had many problems with an old disk drive and IFW saved me a lot of times until I decided to substitute that drive. A great piece of software.


“Great product and great company”

This is a simple product that works as designed. It produces fast, reliable backups, and is easy to use. Comes with a free DOS version, which is also terrific. The tech support for all TerabyteUnlimited products is the best I have experienced in my 30 years working with computers. Friendly, helpful, efficient; and free updates for years. Highly recommended.


“Simply the best”

IFW (Image for Windows) is user friendly, and stable as a rock. I use it on my computer. My granddaughter (she’s 9) uses it on her computer. It just WORKS.


“Top notch”

I have upgraded to V2 and still is … the King of imaging software.


“Totally reliable”

A clear, intelligible, no-nonsense interface meant for serious work, the choice of full or differential backup of entire disk or single partition to file, another partition or bootable CD/DVD, the reasonable price and unusually generous upgrading policy and, above all, the byte-for-byte validation which ensures a totally reliable backup. Restoring does exactly what it is supposed to, without annoying side effects like messing with drive letters.


“The best hands down”

Always works, Even with others won’t on SATA setups. simple to use, Not over priced and updated on a regular basis. Very good help found on web page with step by step videos if you need them. Fast Email reply’s from there help desk

Always works

“The most simple & reliable backup software I’ve ever used”

While it may not be the prettiest face on the block, beauty IS as beauty does. This software WORKS. I’ve had several catastrophic data losses over the past several years and being able to REALLY boot to DOS, using a flashdrive, and to restore everything–on each partition–makes the value of TeraByte’s BU software worth its weight in…well, in crude oil!


“The most reliable I’ve tried”

It’s flexible. It has a ton of command line options that let me use it and schedule it as I see fit, unattended or not. It’s not a bloated clown suit that runs 10 background services and costs me $60 per year to keep updated. It does full, byte-for-byte verifications of what it backs up and restores (unless for some odd reason you don’t want it to).


“The best $50 of computer software or hardware I have ever paid for”

I have used the “Image” software to create the backups for two XP partitions. I have since recovered the Image file three times to different XP partitions. It has worked perfectly each time. And it took less than six minutes to recover the partition.

I have done system recoveries many many times on the four computers I have. I can probably do a whole recovery [without “Image”] in around three hours…Six minute system recovery instead of three hours. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better deal than that. You may not be charging enough. (Wait. Did I type that out loud?) Again, could not be happier with your products.

O. Wilde

“It has never failed me”

In my opinion, the best software to help you bounce back is the backup software sold by Terabyte Unlimited. I first learned of this company when using the restore disk that came with my Velocity Micro computer. I have used the restore disk several times, and it restores my computer to the original factory settings in about 20 minutes, without any problems whatsoever. I now use TeraByte software to back up my computer on a regular basis.

R. Miller

“You have it all together”

I think your Image for Linux 2.16 rivals and perhaps even exceeds Acronis at a fraction of the cost. I am very impressed, and intend to start using it regularly. The console interface intuitive and easy to use and the speed/compression ratio is good. Likewise, your support was prompt and helpful. So congratulations to you and your team for producing an outstanding software title with good support behind it.

P. Lagassey

“Keep up the good work”

I had registered 3 other very well-known backup products. I registered all of these because I wanted to make sure the “final” versions worked as expected. Of the 4 products, your was the ONLY one that was able to restore everything properly. Using BartPE I had no trouble booting and accessing through the network. I wanted to let you know because you have put a lot of thought into this product and just wanted you to know as an end-user it is really appreciated

N. Naimo

“A very complete bootable hard drive management tool”

“An extremely powerful partition and boot management tool which should run on just about any PC.”

M. Williams


“This software is brilliant as indeed is its stable-mate Image for Windows. Support is top notch and there are frequent updates.”

D. Teeth

“Bootit BM is THE boot-partition-backup tool”

“It’s simple, easy to use and operates flawless. As I like to experiment with al kinds of software, my system sometimes becomes unstable or crashes. With BootIt BM I then simply boot from another partition so I can inspect the problem. If needed, I can clone or restore a clean install to the stricken partition and start again. It’s a tool I can’t live without.”

P. Schrama

“Thanks for great work”

“My Terabyte software is the best value for the money in the software industry!”

T. Roberson


“You have some of the best software and, without a doubt, the best support of any software company I know of.”

B. Anderson