TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite

Standard Version is Free for Personal Use.

(See the License Agreement in the download for details)

Version 3.00 made available on May 19, 2024

TBOSDTS (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite) is a collection of specialized tools for IT professionals and power users.  These powerful tools in the right hands have many uses such as virus and rootkit removal and repair, installation of software and drivers,  and much more.

The collection of tools include TBOSDT, BootFile, TBOS®, and TBCMD explained below.

TBOSDT (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool) standard is a specialized command shell that supports an advanced set of commands to perform various tasks related to OS deployment, as well as more generalized types of tasks, such as file management. All commands can be executed manually from the interactive command shell, as well as automatically from a script. TBOSDT is compatible with DOS, Linux, UEFI, and Windows.

TBOSDT Professional is a component available in the paid version of BootIt Collection and the TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite.   The Professional version gives you everything in the standard version plus the powerful TBScript™ engine and extensions that allow you to provide interactivity, logic, and mathematics in your scripts.

This versions also includes several scripts including those for installing Windows drivers to support hardware independent restores to different hardware.

Using your BootIt product key extends the feature set of this version to include partitioning operations such as creating, deleting, resizing, copying and sliding partitions.

BootFile is a utility that enables you to boot an OS from a raw file (up to 4GB) containing a FAT/FAT32/NTFS file system.

TBOS® (TeraByte OS) is a small basic real-mode OS that can run most DOS programs. (It’s pronounced “Tee Boss”)

TBCMD (TeraByte Command) provides a command line shell and TBScript™ scripting engine for TBOS. Its scripting capability may also be quite useful in DOS or Windows.

TBOSDT Suite Pro Features

Targeting IT professionals and power users alike, this suite of tools simplifies deploying, maintaining, and supporting yesterday’s and today’s computer systems.

TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite Pro puts the power of the TBScript™ engine at your service — deploy imagesinject drivers, fix booting issues, copy physical to virtual, and more with the included scripts. You can also create custom scripts to handle all kinds of tasks, from simple one-liners to complex operations.

Take a look at the great scripts included:

  • copyp2v – Automates the process of converting a physical Windows machine to a virtual machine. Just select the virtual disk type and the source system (physical or image backup) and the script sets up the disk with required changes and drivers, ready to run in a VM.
  • osdtool – Quickly perform common deployment tasks on offline Windows installations.
  • tbidtool – Deploy images to similar or different systems (including virtual to physical) with ease using this powerful script.
  • setwindl – Windows automatic drive letter assignments causing issues? Deploying and need to assign drive letters before booting Windows? This handy script makes short work of setting the assignments right.
  • fixboot – Allows the Windows boot options to be changed as needed to aid in repairing or troubleshooting booting issues for the selected Windows system. Supports creating and repairing the Windows boot configuration files.
  • usbboot – Want to boot and run Windows from your USB hard drive? Select your Windows installation and the USB drive and the script takes care of the rest.
  • savereg & restoreg – Easily back up and restore Windows registries – helpful to recover from registry corruption or reset them to a known good state.
  • inistart – Clean the initialization options of non-running Windows installations.
  • moveuser – Easily move Windows user folders from one drive to another – great for moving your user files (Documents, Pictures, etc.) off the Windows partition.
  • osddiag – Compares working and non-working Windows installations on a system to find missing critical drivers.
  • tbibckup – Backup all partitions on all drives using the TeraByte Drive Image Suite.
  • tbidirmt – Maintain the TeraByte_TBI_Backups storage directory where Simple Mode backups are kept.
  • tbexplo – Explore files & registries, copy files, edit text files, and more with this easy to use script. Plus, access protected files and disks/partitions not visible to the operating system.

TBOSDT Suite Pro for BootIt Features

Providing even more control over your disks, this enhanced version of TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite Pro adds console and scripting support for configuring disk types and managing partitions.

In addition to the scripts included with the Professional version, the following scripts are included or provide additional features:

  • chgdtype – Easily convert a GPT disk Windows installation to an MBR disk or vice versa – without having to reinstall Windows. Especially handy when setting up multi-booting on newer systems.
  • copywin – Perform a file-based copy of a Windows installation or backup image to a new partition.
  • tbexplo – Additional features: Partition management, including many of the operations supported by the BootIt programs.
  • fixboot – Additional features: Ability to perform partition operations required when creating or repairing a Windows boot configuration (e.g. creating an EFI System partition).

TBOSDTS Resources: