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White Paper: How to Create Customized Bootable OEM Restore CD/DVD Discs

This article will outline the steps necessary to create a customized OEM restore CD/DVD disc.  A link to a white paper with more complete information is provided at the bottom of the article.

Some of the things such a restore disc will be capable of are:

  • Display a custom graphic on screen (i.e. company logo)

  • Use customized restore options (auto expand, etc.)

  • Prompt before performing the restore, then automate the restore after the prompt is replied to

The basis of a customized restore disc is a bootable floppy diskette image that invokes TBIREST.EXE, the program that performs restores of TeraByte images.  TBIREST.EXE may be obtained either by extracting it from CDBOOT.F35 (included with Image for DOS and Image for Windows), or by requesting a copy from TeraByte Unlimited.

The basic steps involved in creating a customized restore disc are as follows:

  1. Create a bootable floppy diskette image containing a specialized restore command line for TBIREST.EXE.  To create this floppy diskette image, you may either:

    • First create a bootable floppy diskette, and then create an image of that floppy diskette using the freeware utility IMGFLPYD (or some other image editor utility).

    • Use TBOSDT to modify the contents of CDBOOT.F35.
  2. Burn the image set to CD/DVD disc(s), using the bootable floppy diskette image as a boot file.

    • If you are using the freeware utility BINGBURN, supply the path to the floppy diskette image file in the Boot Image text box on the BINGBURN window.

    • If you are using burning software other than BINGBURN, follow the instructions for that program to use the floppy diskette image file. Make sure to use the ISO 9660 format.

The Creating Customized Bootable OEM Restore CD/DVD Discs white paper, along with a sample bootable floppy diskette image, can be found in the archive linked to below:

Creating Customized Bootable OEM Restore CD/DVD Discs

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