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How to Create a Bootable CD or DVD for BootIt NG Installation

If possible, it's recommended to use the MakeDisk program to create the CD/DVD instead of BOOTITNG.EXE. If you are unsure which program is appropriate, please see this article: Choosing MakeDisk or BootItNG.EXE to Create the BootIt NG Boot Media.

Using MakeDisk to create a bootable CD or DVD for BootIt NG installation:

  1. Run the MakeDisk program. If using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with UAC enabled, click Continue or Yes on the UAC prompt to allow the program to run.

  2. Step through the wizard, selecting options and entering information as needed, until you get to the Select Target page.

  3. Select the CD/DVD drive.

  4. Put a blank CD or DVD into the CD/DVD burner and click the Finish button to burn it.

Using BOOTITNG.EXE to create a bootable CD or DVD for BootIt NG installation:

  1. Run the BOOTITNG.EXE program.

  2. Press the down arrow key to select the Build a Bootable ISO Image File for CD option.

  3. Use your burning software of choice to create the bootable CD or DVD from the created ISO file. If you don't have an ISO capable burning program, you can use BurnCDCC (available free from Terabyte Unlimited).

Note: When installing BootIt NG from a CD or DVD, the installation routine will not be able to write to it. Because of this, you will receive a couple of warning messages during the installation process. These warning messages are simply notification messages and can be safely ignored.

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