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How Do I Create the Image for Windows Boot Media?

When you begin using Image for Windows (IFW), you will need to create the boot media, which will be one of the following (depending on your preference and version of Windows):

  • Image for DOS
  • Image for Windows
  • TBWinRE
  • TBWinPE

This tutorial takes you through the process of using MakeDisk (included with IFW) to create the Image for DOS or Image for Linux media:

Image for Windows First Things First - Make a Boot Disk

These tutorials will guide you through the process of creating the TBWinRE or TBWinPE boot media:

Creating a TeraByte Recovery Environment, WinRE Boot Disc, or UFD Containing Image for Windows (TBWinRE)

Creating a TeraByte WinPE Boot Disc Containing Image for Windows (TBWinPE)

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