IFW Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Has Stopped Working

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IFW Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Has Stopped Working

Post by ploauieads »

I use IFW to backup images of numerous machines. I've set VSS as the default. This was good until a few weeks ago, when IFW forced one of the PCs' backups to use Phylock. VSS error: "Unable to obtain a lock on the C drive."

I would rather use VSS for the backup. Only two things have changed since VSS is no longer functional. Updated Windows 11 to 2022-H2 and IFW to v3.55.

Windows Event log:

Volume Shadow Copy Service issue: An unexpected error occurred while querying the IVssWriterCallback interface. hr = 0x80070005, access refused.
This is frequently caused by wrong security settings in the writer or requestor processes.

Gathering Writer Data

Writer Class Id: {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220}
Writer Name: System Writer
Writer Instance ID: {6f1bc1b4-3e55-4ef9-a723-8bf49b108397}

Volume Shadow Copy Service Error: Cannot find different regions to create shadow copies. Add at least one NTFS drive to the system with adequate free space. To shadow copy each book, at least 32 Mb of empty space is required.

Automatically choosing a diff-area volume
Processing EndPrepareSnapshots

Volume Name: \\?\Volume{83a1a1ec-5bb3-423c-bd4d-65b5c361bae4}\
Volume Name: \\?\Volume{9c2e1272-19b6-41b6-a2da-5bb1afa6640a}\
Execution Context: System Provider
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Re: IFW Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Has Stopped Working

Post by TeraByte Support »

That error has nothing to do with it: https://www.terabyteunlimited.com/kb/kb ... ng-backup/

See https://www.terabyteunlimited.com/kb/kb ... on-failed/
Particularly the 3rd party section, there is at least one CCP (China based) software causing problems with VSS and even PHYLock outside of their product. You always have to remember CCP software is one update away from turning PCs in to weapons.
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