Beware Windows fast startup reappearing

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Beware Windows fast startup reappearing

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Today I had a problem with Windows 10 re-enabling fast startup.

It could have been due to a problem with updates. I had to hit the power button when it took many minutes with the circling dots showing "preparing to configure Windows - do not shut down your PC". I could have waited for ever. On trying to reboot into Linux my Windows D drive (NTFS shared with my Linux systems) would not mount in either Mint or Debian. When I went into BIBM partition management it said my Windows 10 system partition had fast startup enabled. I had disabled this when I installed Win 10 and it had remained disabled up to now. I used BIBM to turn it off.

I went into Mint and it still refused to mount my D drive partition on bootup. When I tried to mount it manually with "mount -a" it said metadata was preventing it mounting and I needed to turn off fast startup in Windows (credit to the Linux devs for being proactive). I rebooted into Windows 10 and it said it was not enabled. Windows did allow me to use drive D so I hoped it had cleared whatever it was trying to do with the metadata. I rebooted into Mint and all was well. (Phew! - not wanting to restore all my data).

Just a gentle warning if it happens to you.
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Re: Beware Windows fast startup reappearing

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It can certainly cause problems if you're expecting it to be off and it gets turned on without your knowledge. From what I've seen, expect every major Windows 10 update/upgrade to enable it. Also, some of the regular/minor updates may enable it. TBI Notify can warn you if you have it installed and the option enabled (the default).
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