Screen boots to black (no cursor or mouse appears)

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Re: Screen boots to black (no cursor or mouse appears)

Postby TeraByte Support » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:01 pm

probably doesn't have one then - I fired up a newer model using UEFI and
didn't have that option.

If you boot to bootit, ctrl-alt-del are you still good? how about if you
use the reboot icon?

"CaptainKen" wrote in message news:5216@public.bootitbm...

Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't allow for warm boot.

The manual is here, but there is no mention of quick boot feature.


A Google search on quick boot for this model turned up nothing.

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Re: Screen boots to black (no cursor or mouse appears)

Postby CaptainKen » Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:17 pm

If I click Start, Restart and then press Esc when prompted before screen goes black, I get the HP boot menu. There is no bootit option there and "Enter - Continue Startup" doesn't work from that menu either or a Ctrl-Alt-del restart is not successful.

The only way into bootit is from a cold boot.
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Re: Screen boots to black (no cursor or mouse appears)

Postby TeraByte Support(PP) » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:17 am

Is it only after booting into Windows? For example, if you cold boot into BIBM and then click the Reboot button or use Ctrl-Alt-Del does the system reboot into BIBM? If you have BIBM installed and boot to a Live Linux CD or IFL CD, then reboot from Linux (remove the CD), what happens?

I assume you have checked the boot order is correct when the boot fails -- no other drive or device possibly trying to boot? I've seen some systems make booting order changes from an installation change. Sometimes takes several attempts to make the change back stick.

For the BIOS, a search seems to indicate that some have a really locked up version (virtually no options), but there may be a different version that is more normal/advanced. Have you checked for your specific laptop?
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