BIBM Can't See My USB Hard Drive

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Re: BIBM Can't See My USB Hard Drive

Postby TeraByte Support » Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:40 pm

It's fairly simple.

1) BootIt will access any BIOS provided drive (provided the BIOS has the
drive in its drive count and correctly responds on queries to it).

2) BootIt can also access USB1 (UHCI) and USB2 (EHCI) directly when enabled
via the USB BUS option. If there is a problem between the host controller
and device chipset and/or EHCI access methods, there are the USB hang
options to work around some. For onboard USB2, sometimes the BIOS gets in
the way since the BIOS is used for other drive access and the handoff
doesn't always work out when the BIOS is used. (for those, you'd disable
onboard USB legacy support if you wanted to use the USB bus option).

Items connected to a USB3 controller is only available through option 1

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Re: BIBM Can't See My USB Hard Drive

Postby sigi » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:06 am

Thank you very much. This is a clear and useful answer. The only aspect that is missing (I did not ask for it though) is the powering up aspect. It would be perfect to add some explanation on that too.
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