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Workstation Fails to Connect/Sync to Active Directory after Restore


Workstation is unable to successfully connect to or sync to Active Directory after restoring a backup image.


The workstation and server negotiated a new password since the creation of the backup image. When restored, the server does not authenticate the workstation because it's using the old password.


Rejoin the workstation to the domain:

  1. Remove the workstation from the domain by placing it into a workgroup.

  2. Restart the computer, if prompted to do so.

  3. Rejoin the domain.

The above operations can all be performed by right-clicking on My Computer or Computer (depending on the version of Windows) and selecting Properties. Then look in the Computer name section.


Please reference the following Microsoft KB articles for more details:

Issues with domain membership after a system restore
How to disable automatic machine account password changes
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