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Will BootIt BM Work with My Mouse?

BootIt BM should work with any serial, PS/2, or USB mouse. Using a USB mouse with BootIt BM requires that the mainboard supports Legacy USB devices.

  • If you are using a USB mouse (with a compatible mainboard), you may need to go into the BIOS and enable support for the mouse. The applicable setting is usually named something similar to Enable Legacy USB Support.

  • Note that some computers may only provide USB keyboard support when Legacy USB Support is enabled. With these systems, a USB mouse will not be able to be used with BootIt BM. It is recommended to check for a BIOS update as there may be a newer version that provides better support. Other options include trying a different USB mouse or a PS/2 mouse.

If BootIt BM will not work with your mouse, you may experience a slight delay when booting to BootIt BM. If you would like to eliminate the delay, you can remove the MOUSE.COM entry from the TBOSBOOT.STR file or create the BootIt BM boot media without mouse support.

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