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Whitepaper: How To Set Up A Hidden Recovery Partition

Please note: This article applies to version 1 product(s) only.

There is a whitepaper available for download that covers how to set up a hidden recovery (or restore) partition that would make use of Image For DOS to perform the restore operation.

It primarily covers the use of MBR.EXE, which is a free TeraByte Unlimited utility that can install a special version of MBR code designed specifically for this purpose. That code provides a means to boot into the hidden recovery partition so that the restore operation can take place. The paper also covers how either TBOS or FreeDOS can be used (if desired) as the recovery partition's operating system.

The downloadable zip file ( linked to below also includes a bootable floppy disk image, and an equivalent bootable CD/DVD image, either of which can be used in conjunction with the whitepaper as an aid in getting the recovery partition set up and working.

Click here to download

The bootable images contain MBR.EXE, but it can also be downloaded separately here.

Note: This article and the whitepaper referenced above are focused on IFD V1. An updated KB article and whitepaper for IFD V2 can be found at the link below:
How To Set Up A Hidden Recovery Partition (V2)

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