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Whitepaper: How To Deploy An Image From A USB Boot Drive

Please note: This article applies to version 1 product(s) only.

There is a whitepaper available for download that provides information on how to set up a bootable USB drive to deploy an image (or images) to target systems, using Image for DOS as the imaging tool.

The zipped archive linked to below ( includes a bootable floppy disk image, and an equivalent bootable CD/DVD image. Either of these can be used, along with the whitepaper, to set up a bootable USB drive for deployment, using either FreeDOS or TBOS as the operating system.

The archive also includes prepared images of TBOS and FreeDOS partitions that can be restored directly to the USB drive. The restored partitions will then need only to have Image for DOS added to them, along with the image(s) to deploy.

Click here to download

Note: The whitepaper referenced above is specific to IFD Version 1. An updated paper specific to IFD Version 2 is also available for download in the KB article linked to below:

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