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USB 1.1 Device Does Not Appear In Image for DOS


Please note: This article applies to version 1 product(s) only.


Your USB 1.1 device does not appear in Image for DOS.


USB 1.1 support is not enabled in the Image for DOS environment, or is not supported by your system.


Enable UHCI support in Image for DOS using the UHCI environment variable.  To enable the UHCI environment variable, you can either set it manually, or within a batch file.  The command required is as follows:


If you are using other Image for DOS environment variables, such as IBXT or CDWS, you will need to separate the variables with a semicolon.  For example:


If you wish to set Image for DOS environment variables in AUTOEXEC.BAT, you must use a DOS floppy diskette.  A floppy diskette created with MakeDisk will not use AUTOEXEC.BAT.  (However, you can use MakeDisk to enable UHCI support; please see below.)

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