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Unable to Install BootIt BM from a CD


During installation from a CD, the BootIt BM setup aborts with an error that it's unable to copy a file (the filename consists of garbage characters) or the BootIt BM partition ends up with a corrupted file (the filename consists of garbage characters).


This problem is caused by a BIOS bug on certain systems and results in corruption of the directory structure when BootIt BM attempts to save a backup of the first track of the hard drive(s) to the boot media. Instead of simply failing the write attempt, the BIOS corrupts the drive buffer by overwriting it with data from the last disc read.


Install BootIt BM from a writable boot media (USB flash drive, floppy disk, etc.).

Otherwise, check if there is a newer BIOS version available for the computer. If there is, read the BIOS release notes to see which problems are fixed. In some cases, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer of the computer/board for this information. Note: Use care when flashing the BIOS. Instructions are usually provided with the update.

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