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TeraByte Unlimited Knowledge Base Notice (PLEASE READ!)

This knowledge base is a work in progress.  Feel free to use it, and please report any problems you find.

Please note that currently, you cannot search the knowledge base with a string of characters of less than three characters.  For example:

  • Searching for disk will work (because it is four characters in length).
  • Searching for /L will not work (because it is only two characters in length).


Feel free to rate articles as you see fit; if you find an article that is not helpful, please email a comment to so that we may improve it to better suit your needs, and that of our other users.  Your input is appreciated.

If you would like to contribute an article then please do so by emailing it to

Thank you!

For support-related questions, please refer to the appropriate support section:

BootIt Bare Metal support:

Image for DOS support:

Image for Linux support:

Image for Windows support:

Free utilities support articles:

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