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Technician Use of TeraByte Unlimited Products

Technicians using TeraByte Unlimited software on a client's computer must purchase a Full-Use license of the software for the client's computer (unless the client already has a valid license to use the software on the computer). Each client computer on which the software is used must be covered by a Full-Use license. The customer can purchase the license or it can be purchased for the customer using the ship-to fields (the reseller sends emails to the billing address allowing the customer to obtain updates themselves if they want). This licenses the software to the customer and the software is provided to the customer. You or the customer can use it on their systems. The advantage is the customer can continue to use the software on an ongoing basis (e.g. to create regular backups).

If you want to act as a reseller to the customer then you can either sell to them using the affiliate program (you earn 30% of each sale) or a 10% reseller discount coupon can be provided to you. Either way, you provide the customer's information in the "ship-to" fields on the order form and the master reseller sends the emails to the billing address. For details on the affiliate program, visit

Although TeraByte Unlimited was the first company of our kind to offer a special Technicians License, after years of experience, we decided it would be better for both the technician and their customers to simply use the normal full use versions of the software.   The time saved by the technician and the benefit to their customer being provided the software more than pays for itself.


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