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TBWinRE CD/DVD/ISO Fails to Boot on UEFI Systems


The TBWinRE CD/DVD/BD disc boot media or ISO file fails to boot properly on UEFI systems when booting in UEFI mode. This affects boot media created on current versions of Windows 10 as well as Windows 11.


The TBWinRE build used newer boot files which are not compatible with the older files in the WIM.


If UEFI booting is not required, the disc or ISO file can be booted in Legacy mode.

Otherwise, recreate the TBWinRE build using the boot files from the WinRE source WIM. Then create a new disc or ISO file using MakeDisk.


  1. Run TBWinPE/RE Builder.

  2. Click Next on the Welcome screen and then click the Settings... button (or click the File | Settings... menu item).

  3. Click the Program Paths tab.

  4. In the WinRE Source section, select the Use from WIM option for Boot files.

  5. Click OK to close Settings.

  6. Recreate the TBWinRE build and then create a new disc or ISO file using MakeDisk.

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