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System Freezes when Attempting to Boot from the BootIt BM Boot Menu


The system freezes when attempting to boot from the BootIt BM Boot Menu.


This problem can be caused by any of the following conditions:

  • A device is present that identifies itself as a hard drive to BootIt BM, even though the device is not a hard drive.

  • The BootIt BM program file is corrupted.


Please carry out the following steps to correct this issue:

Resolving a Problem with a Misreported Device

  1. Select Maintenance on the BootIt BM Boot Menu.

  2. Select the Partition Work icon on the BootIt BM desktop.

  3. Click on the Drives drop-down and note how many hard drives are listed.

    If the number of hard drives shown is greater than the number of hard drives that are actually present, you may have a device connected which is erroneously reported to BootIt BM as a hard drive. In this case, try the following:

    1. If the non-hard-drive device uses USB, disconnect it and try selecting the Boot button on the BootIt BM Boot Menu again. Alternatively, you may want to try disabling the Legacy USB Support option in the system BIOS (some systems may refer to this option as USB BIOS Support).

    2. If the non-hard-drive device does not use USB, go into your system BIOS and set that SATA/IDE device to None.

If the problem remains, perform a clean install of BootIt BM, as explained below:

Replacing a Corrupt BootIt BM Program File

  1. Create a new BootIt BM Setup media.

    Note: If you are using a floppy diskette for the BootIt BM Setup media, do a complete format on the floppy diskette first. This will help ensure that the diskette is reliable.

  2. If BootIt BM is installed on its own dedicated partition, reformat the partition before proceeding:

    Note:  Reformatting the BootIt BM partition will cause all data on that partition to be lost.

    1. Boot with the BootIt BM Setup media.

    2. Select Maintenance on the Installation & Recovery Boot Menu.

    3. Select the Partition Work icon on the BootIt BM desktop.

    4.  In the Work with Partitions window, select the hard drive and partition where BootIt BM is installed.

    5. Select the Format button, then confirm. You may keep Cluster size set to Auto and the Align for NTFS conversion option deselected.

  3. Reboot again, using the BootIt BM Setup media, and reinstall BootIt BM.

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