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Slow Disk Operations in BootIt BM

Assuming the drive itself is not slow, this problem is usually caused by the system BIOS. You can try to correct this issue as follows:

  • Use the BIOS (direct) bus option. When supported, this mode bypasses the BIOS and may provide faster performance. Note that some systems may perform better using the BIOS option -- try both to determine which is optimal.

  • For IDE drives:

    • Some BIOS brands and versions will not automatically detect the PIO mode properly, so you can try setting the PIO mode in the BIOS as appropriate (and nowadays, mode 4 would be your choice).

    • Some BIOS brands and versions support UDMA directly. If such a setting is available in your BIOS, try enabling it.

    • Ensure that you are using an 80-conductor IDE cable, where applicable.

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