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Scheduled Task Created by Image for Windows Fails to Run on Windows 10


A scheduled task created by Image for Windows on Windows 10 fails to run. This issue is known on Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607), but may affect later versions as well.


This issue is caused by a bug introduced with Windows 10 1607. To work around the bug, Image for Windows 3.04+ asks for a secondary password when creating the scheduled task. In some cases, however, the work-around does not get applied by the system and the task fails to run.


Manually configure the task for Windows 10.


  1. Log into an Administrator account.

  2. Click the Start button or press the Windows Logo key (WinKey).

  3. Type "task scheduler" (without the quotes) into the search box. Windows will search for matches and should display Task Scheduler in the Programs list. If Task Scheduler is highlighted, simply press ENTER. Otherwise, click on Task Scheduler to run the program. If you get a UAC prompt, click Yes to allow it to run.

  4. Select the Task Scheduler Library item in the tree in the left-side panel.

  5. Locate the Image for Windows task in the listing of tasks and select it.

  6. Click the Action menu and then click Properties (or right-click the task and select Properties from the pop-up menu).

  7. Select the General tab (this tab should be selected by default).

  8. Below the Security options section, at the bottom of the window, set the Configure for drop-down option to Windows 10.

  9. Click OK to save the change. If prompted for the task's user account information (name & password), enter it and click OK.


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