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Repeatedly Prompted to Insert Last CD/DVD Disc During Restore Operation

The information in this article applies to the following TeraByte Unlimited products:

BootIt NG
Image for DOS v1
Image for Windows v1


During a restore operation, you are repeatedly prompted to insert the last CD/DVD disc in the backup set.


If there is only a single disc in the backup set and you are restoring with Image for DOS or Image for Windows, use the File option when selecting the restore source, then navigate to and select the backup file from the disc.

If there is more than one disc in the backup set, retry the restore operation, noting the following:

  • When prompted for the last disc, insert the disc, then close the drive tray manually (as opposed to allowing it to be closed automatically).
  • Wait a moment for the drive to ready itself after inserting the disc and only then press Enter.

If the above method did not help, proceed as follows:

  1. Download and extract the ICD2IMG and BINGBURN utilities (more information on these utilities can be found on the BootIt Bare Metal Downloads page).
  2. Using ICD2IMG, copy the backup files from the backup discs to a hard drive.
  3. Using BINGBURN, reburn the backup files to the discs.
  4. Retry the restore operation.

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