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Removing a Windows bootmgr Boot Menu Item


When booting Windows Vista or later (e.g. Windows 7/8.x/10) a menu is displayed to allow selecting the operating system to boot. The menu may be displayed even if only one version of Windows is installed. Additionally, the menu is displayed when booting Windows from BootIt BM.


A duplicate or undesired boot menu item exists in the Windows BCD file. For example, this entry may have been left over from a previous multi-boot setup or boot repair.


Remove the undesired menu item from the Windows boot menu. This procedure can be done from either BootIt BM or directly from Windows.

Using BootIt BM


  1. Boot to the BootIt BM desktop.
  2. Click on Partition Work.
  3. Select the booting drive for the Windows installation you need to modify.
  4. Select the booting partition. This is usually either the Windows partition or the System Reserved partition (the one set active when booted).
  5. Click the BCD Edit button.
  6. The Menu items are displayed. Select the item to remove and then click the Delete button.
  7. Close the BCD Edit window. Close the Work with Partitions window.
  8. Click Resume on the desktop.
  9. Select the Windows item to boot and click the Boot button.

Using Windows (Vista or later)


  1. Boot into Windows.
  2. Press WinKey+R (hold down the Windows Key and press R) to bring up the Run dialog.
  3. Type msconfig into the Open box and then click OK. The System Configuration utility will open.
    Note: If you receive a UAC prompt allow the action to continue.
  4. Click the Boot tab.
  5. Select the boot item to remove and then click the Delete button.
  6. Click OK to close msconfig.
  7. Click Restart, if prompted. Otherwise, restart Windows manually to verify the change.


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