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Partition Work Warning: “System is in hibernated state.”


When Partition Work is started the following warning is displayed even though an installed operating system is not in a hibernated state:

Warning: System is in hibernated state. Making changes can cause corruption.


The detected state can be incorrect in cases where the hibernation file was not properly cleared (reports hibernated state when not hibernated).


You can safely ignore this warning if you know no installed operating system is in a hibernated stated. Otherwise, you would boot to the hibernated operating system and return to a non-hibernated state before making partitioning changes.

If Partition Work is incorrectly reporting the hibernated status of Windows, you can determine the partition by selecting it and clicking the Properties button. The Additional Information section of the dialog will show "Hibernated" if that state was detected. To clear the incorrect hibernated state you can do the following:

  • Boot to the affected Windows system.

  • Open an Administrator Command Prompt and run the following command:
    powercfg /h off

  • If you do use hibernation on the system you can re-enable it:
    powercfg /h on

An alternate method that can be used for Windows 8.x/10 would be to enable the Fast Startup option in Windows and then restart into BootIt BM/BootIt UEFI and use Partition Work to disable it (this will also clear the hibernation state).

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