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Message “The Format of Drive C is Incompatible with Windows 98” During Windows Install

If you are getting this message, and the option to reformat is chosen, it may say that it has detected an error and it can't format the drive, or it may report an error after the drive is formatted. This problem can occur if:

  1. You are using the Next BIOS Device option and/or booting from the CD-ROM to begin the installation;

  2. Your BIOS boot sequence is set to boot the CD-ROM before the hard drive; and

  3. You're using an OEM version of Windows.

To solve this problem:

  1. Either set the BIOS boot sequence to boot the CD-ROM after the hard drive, or use the One Time Option of BIOS Sequence instead of Next BIOS Device.

  2. After booting the CD, instead of choosing the option to run setup from the CD, choose the option to boot with CD support. Then, when you're at the DOS prompt, change to the CD drive and type in setup then press Enter. Starting setup in this way will prevent the problem message mentioned above.

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