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Installation Tips for SCO UnixWare/OpenServer

To Install:

  1. Create your UNIX partitions (type 63h/99).
  2. Setup a boot item for it.
  3. Boot the item you've set up.
  4. BootIt BM will detect that the partition is not yet bootable and gives you the option to boot from a diskette.
  5. You simply boot from the diskette to begin the installation.  The active boot partition will receive the installation.
  • Important! - Make sure you do not run the destructive installation. If it says destructive, cancel and try again.

  • For OpenServer, when when you get to the Hard Disk Setup choose the "Interactive fdisk/divvy" or "deferred" (if not being used) option for each hard drive.  Since the drive will already be partitioned you can just quit the fdisk utility when it is activated later in the setup.

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