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Installation Tips for QNX

You can install QNX through Windows 9x to a FAT32 partition, or directly to a new partition by booting the installation CD or diskette.  QNX 6.2 doesn't allow you to choose an existing partition for installation if you boot from the installation CD or diskette; therefore, you must follow the safe procedure below if the Limit Primaries option in BootIt BM is disabled.

Safe procedure for placing QNX Neutrino Ver. 6.2.0 into its own partition (provided by Ray M.):

  • This procedure requires installation via Windows 9x.
  1. Download the *.ISO from, then create a bootable CD-ROM from it.
  2. Boot to BootIt BM and create/format a 1-GB to 2-GB FAT32 partition for QNX.
  3. Add the QNX partition to the Windows 9x boot item you're going to use for installation.
  4. Boot the Windows 9x boot item.
  5. Install QNX to C:.
  6. Open a MS-DOS Prompt and use the sys command to copy the system files to the QNX FAT32 partition.  (For example, if j: represents your QNX partition, enter the command "sys j:").  

    Steps 7 - 10 can be done from the MS-DOS Prompt or GUI.

  7. Copy the c:\config.sys file (which the QNX install builds) to the QNX drive.
  8. Create a "Program Files" folder on the QNX drive.
  9. Copy the contents of the "C:\Program Files\QNX" folder to "x:\Program Files\QNX" on the QNX drive.
  10. Edit the config.sys file on the QNX drive to only reference the QNX entries (if you only want one option then delete the [MENU] options leaving only c:\program files\qnx...etc, etc)
  11. Go to add/remove programs in the Windows Control Panel and choose to uninstall QNX.
  12. Reboot to BootIt BM maintenance and create a QNX boot item for the QNX partition.

If you didn't want to install QNX to its own partition then you could use the Multi-OS or keystrokes feature in the boot item to automatically select the OS to boot.

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