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Installation Tips for OS/2

During OS/2 Installation: 

  • Use the advanced method so that you can be sure where your files are going. 

  • If you do not have the Limit Primaries option enabled in BootIt BM, then be sure that you don't create any new partitions while you are in the fdisk utility (selecting the install partition). The exception is if you need to get Boot Manger installed.

  • Once OS/2 is installed you can either directly boot the OS/2 partition or volume via BootIt BM or have BootIt BM boot the boot manager partition.

  • If your system locks up trying to get OS/2 installed, it may be because OS/2 doesn't support large EIDE drives 4GB+ out of the box.  You need to obtain an updated driver from IBM's web site.

  • If using the Multi-OS feature, OS/2 may refuse to install itself in the same partition as Windows NT. If it does you can (yourself) delete or rename the files used by the Multi-OS feature for Windows NT, and you may also have to rename the WINNT directory to something else.

  • Don't let OS/2 delete the NT partition. Doing so will lose all data on the partition.

  • Don't use the OS/2 dual boot in a BootIt BM Multi-OS partition. If you're using a different setup where OS/2 is in its own partition with DOS only then it's okay.

  • You need to make sure that the OS/2 drive letter does not change after installation otherwise OS/2 will refuse to boot.  You can use partition hiding to correct this.

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