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Installation Tips for DOS

  • When booting DOS from a hard drive other than HD0, BootIt BM's swap option must enabled for the applicable boot menu item. Please refer to this article for information on enabling the swap option.

    Swapping will affect Windows 3.x 32-bit disk access. If you try to use 32-bit disk access in Windows 3.x on a partition that was booted by swapping hard drives, you will get an error from Windows saying that it can't use 32-bit disk access and that it will turn it off. This occurs because the swapping occurs at the BIOS level, and 32-bit disk access does not use the BIOS. Win32s is not affected by the swapping.

  • BootIt BM will allow you to boot DOS from a partition which begins more than 2 GB (but less than 8 GB) into the disk. Please note that no part of the partition can be above 8 GB.

  • WARNING: If you are using the OEM version of MS-DOS setup diskette and run through the installation using the setup program it will (want to) repartition the drive. This means it will delete existing partitions and overwrite them with a new one that starts at the beginning of the drive and may create an extended partition with volumes for the rest. If your OEM version wants to repartition the drive and you want to keep your existing partitions, then abort and exit the setup program. You will want to install the OS manually by using "sys c:" (assuming c: is the correct drive). Afterward, you can extract the files manually using the extract program. It would probably be easier to setup a batch file and use the "for" command to automate it.

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