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Image for DOS Hangs on “Please wait…”


When starting Image for DOS, it hangs at the message Please wait...


This can be caused by having the BGProgress (background progress updating) option enabled.


Try disabling the BGProgress option and restarting Image for DOS. This option can be found in the [Options] section of the IFD.INI file or it can be specified by using the /bgp option on the command line. To disable the option, remove BGProgress=1 from the IFD.INI file or omit the /bgp option from the command line.

Additional information on this option:

Use this option to enable updating the progress and elapsed time in the background. When you enable background updating, Image for DOS can update the elapsed time even if the program is waiting for a device to respond.

Default if omitted: Image for DOS updates the progress and elapsed time directly, rather than in the background. (This is the default behavior because some systems lock up when background updating is enabled.)

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