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How to Save or Restore Images to a Network Drive Using Image for DOS

In order to save or restore images to or from a network drive using Image for DOS, you will first need to add networking support to the DOS environment. You have several options to accomplish this:

  • Create a Bart's Network Boot Disk.  This network disk is easy to set up, and there are quite a few DOS network card drivers available in one place.

  • Create a Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk.

  • If you are using Windows NT 4 Server, use the Network Client Administrator under Administrative Tools to create a network boot diskette.

  • Use the Microsoft Network Client for MS-DOS.

Setting Up a Boot Disk Using the Microsoft Network Client for MS-DOS:

    1. Create a bootable DOS floppy disk, if you don't have one already.  Please refer to the following links for further information:

How to Create a Windows 95/98/Me Startup Disk
How to Create an MS-DOS Startup Disk From Windows XP

  1. Download DSK3-1.EXE from the Microsoft FTP site to obtain the Microsoft Network Client for MS-DOS.  Place the file in a folder on your hard disk that will be accessible from DOS.

  2. Boot from the floppy diskette you created in step 1.

  3. Run DSK3-1.EXE to extract its contents, which will automatically be extracted to the current directory.

  4. Run SETUP.EXE from the directory you extracted the contents of DSK3-1.EXE to.  The Setup for Microsoft Network Client v3.0 for MS-DOS screen will appear.

  5. Press Enter on the initial Setup for Microsoft Network Client v3.0 for MS-DOS screen.  You will be prompted to select an installation directory for the Network Client files.  With your DOS floppy diskette (from step 1) inserted, accept the default directory, which is A:\NET.

  6. Select a network adapter from the list shown, or, if no appropriate adapter is listed, select the option Network adapter not shown on the list below.  You will them be prompted to supply your own drivers.  (You may be able to find a suitable driver on the Bart's Network Boot Disk web page, or on the web site of your network card's manufacturer.)

  7. Follow the prompts to complete network client setup.

Saving or Restoring An Image to or from a Network Drive with Image for DOS:

    1. Boot with the network-enabled DOS diskette you created.

    2. Map the network drive on which you wish to save the backup or from which you wish to restore:

net use x: \\server\share

  1. Run Image for DOS (without rebooting).

  2. When going through the steps to create or restore the image:
  • Select the File (OS) option on the Backup To/Select File Access Method screen or the Restore From Select File Access Method screen.
  • Supply the appropriate path:

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