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How to Rebuild the Boot Sector for Windows 2000/XP

You can use the following steps to rebuild the Win2K/XP boot sector, should it be needed.

  1. If using BootIt BM, make sure the partition table is loaded with your target partition.
  2. Boot the Win2K/XP installation media to start setup.
  3. At the menu choose 'R' for Repair.
  4. At the repair options menu choose 'C' for the Recovery Console.
  5. Enter fixboot c: and press ENTER (where c: is the drive letter assigned to the partition to have the boot sector rewritten).

Note: The Windows Vista or Windows 7/8.x/10 bootsect program could also be used to repair the boot sector. See the Additional Information section of How to Rebuild the Boot Sector for Windows Vista and Windows 7/8.x/10.


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