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How to Reactivate BootIt BM After LILO is Installed to the MBR

If LILO is installed to the MBR, BootIt BM will no longer boot.  If you want to reactivate BootIt BM and keep the existing Linux installation without having to install LILO to the root partition (as explained in this article), then you will need to proceed using one of the following methods:

  1. Boot to your BootIt BM Setup media.
  2. Choose the Reactivate BootIt Bare Metal option, and click OK.

- OR -

  1. Boot to your BootIt BM Setup media.
  2. Choose Capture MBR from the Installation & Recovery Boot Menu that appears, and click OK.
  3. Provide a name such as "Linux", and click OK.
  4. A message is displayed that indicates success or failure.  Click OK to close the message.
  5. Choose Reactivate BootIt Bare Metal on the Installation & Recovery Boot Menu, and click OK.
  6. Remove the Setup media and click OK to reboot.
  7. You will now need to use the MBR file you created.  Click the Maintenance button on the BootIt BM boot menu.
  8. Click Boot Edit on the BootIt BM desktop.
  9. Create/Edit the Linux boot item, and assign the MBR file to it.

Because the Linux partition was never initialized to boot, it appears as unbootable to BootIt BM.  Therefore, you will need to change the boot partition to some other partition which is bootable.  The MBR file will override booting from that partition, but that partition will be visible when booting the item.  If that is a problem, then follow these instructions on installing LILO to the root partition.

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