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How to Install OS/2 On an Extended Partition or Secondary Hard Drive

You can install OS/2 in a primary partition on hard drive 0 without any problem.  If you want OS/2 installed on to a logical volume or a secondary hard drive, then boot manager (part of OS/2) has to be installed.

If you do not have the Limit Primaries option enabled in BootIt BM, then note the following:

  • Because the OS/2 FDisk wants to create a "new" boot manager partition and won't let you select a partition for it to be installed on, you'll need to be very careful on getting boot manager installed. If you have less than 4 partitions total, including the BootIt BM EMBRM partition, you can add all the partitions to the MBR and install boot manager as normal; otherwise, you'll need to figure out a way to get it installed (see example next).

  • One technique to get the 1-to-10-MB boot manager partition installed is to add a partition entry to the MBR that follows a free block.  You can then install boot manager high in that block.  Be sure that you double check your logic.   For example, the BootIt BM EMBRM partition may be at the end of the disk, if you didn't look because you thought that the end of your drive didn't have any partitions, you'd be wrong!

  • Another technique for getting the boot manager partition installed is to add a partition entry to the MBR that has free space after it.  You can then install boot manager low in the free block after the partition which has known free space after it.

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