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How to Enable the Swap Option in BootIt BM

BootIt BM offers a feature which can logically swap the boot drive to make it appear to the system as the first hard drive (i.e. HD0). This feature can be helpful under certain circumstances, such as when booting DOS from a non-HD0 drive. This article will explain how to enable the swap option when creating or editing boot menu items.

  1. Boot into BootIt BM. When the Boot Menu appears, click the Maintenance button. (Note: If the IT Mode option is enabled, you will need to hold down the Insert or right Ctrl key to access BootIt BM.)

  2. On the BootIt BM desktop, click Boot Edit. The Boot Menu dialog appears.

  3. At this point, you have a choice:

    • If you wish to add a new boot menu item and enable the swap option for it, click the Add button. The Add Menu Item dialog appears.

    • If there is a preexisting boot menu item for which you wish to enable the swap option, select it and click the Edit button. The Edit Menu Item dialog appears.

  4. On the Add Menu Item or Edit Menu Item dialog, select the Swap option under the Boot Details section if you want the swap option to be permanent, or under the One Time Option section if you want the swap option to be used only the next time the boot item is used.

    • If you are adding a new boot menu item, you will also need to configure the appropriate boot item parameters.

  5. Click OK on the Add Menu Item or Edit Menu Item dialog.

  6. Click OK on the Boot Menu dialog to save the changes and return to the BootIt BM desktop, or click Cancel to return to the BootIt BM desktop without saving any changes.

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