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How To Create and Save a Report From the IFL Boot Disk

The Image for Linux (IFL) Boot Disk provides a means to create a report of system information as detected by Linux. The report includes hardware information, kernel boot messages, network data, etc. Starting with IFL 2.89, the report also includes the output from the TeraByte Unlimited 'partinfo' utility. This report can be sent to TeraByte support to help resolve problems.

The report is created as a text file located at /tbu/report.txt. Since the report exists only in RAM on the boot disk, it must be saved to a drive or partition before rebooting, in order to be able to email the file to TeraByte support. The procedure to create and save the report to a drive or partition is described below.

IFL 2.82a and newer: Use 1 of the 5 methods listed below to create and save the report. They all do the same thing, which is to run a script to create the report at /tbu/report.txt, and then prompt you to select a drive or partition to save the file to. Use the method that is most convenient in your situation:

1. From a command prompt, run 'createreport'.

2. From the IFL (CUI) Auxiliary menu, choose "Create Report".

3. From the IFL (GUI) desktop, right click the desktop and choose "Create Report".

4. From the IFL (GUI) desktop, click on the "mnt" icon, then choose "Create Report".

5. From a command prompt, run 'dpmount', then choose "Create Report".


IFL 2.82 and older: For these versions, the procedure is not automated. The steps to create and save the report are outlined below:

1. (CUI only) From the main menu, exit to command prompt.

2. (GUI only) From the GUI desktop, open a terminal window.

3. From the command prompt, run 'viewreport' to create and view the report. The report will be created as the file /tbu/report.txt.

4. If necessary, press <q> to quit viewing the report.

5. Mount a drive or partition, and then copy report.txt to it. A USB flash drive is convenient for doing this. If needed, run the command 'savereport' to display some basic instructions on how to mount a drive/partition, and how to copy report.txt to it.

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