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How to Create an Extended Partition with BootIt NG

To create an extended partition with BootIt NG:

  1. On the BootIt NG desktop, click Partition Work.

  2. In the Work with Partitions window, select the hard drive you wish to create an extended partition on (if it was not selected by default).

  3. Select the desired Free Space entry, then click the Create button.

    • If there is no available Free Space entry, you will need to either delete or resize an existing partition to create one.

    • The Free Space entry selected must not reside within an existing extended partition. (That is, you cannot create an extended partition within an extended partition.)

  4. In the Create window:

    • Enter a Name for the extended partition.

    • From the File System drop-down list, select 5/5h: Extended.

    • Specify a Size for the extended partition.

    • Select the Allocate High option if you want remaining free space (if any) to be located above the new extended partition. By default, when a partition is created, remaining free space (if any) will be located below the new partition.

    • Click OK to create the extended partition.

  5. You may now create one or more volumes in the (indented) Free Space entry that appears below the new extended partition.

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