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How to Copy an OS/2 Partition without Using the BootIt BM “Work with Partitions” Dialog

These instructions will explain how to copy one OS/2 partition to another, where for some reason you don't want to use the "Work with Partitions" dialog.

This procedure is not supported.  Carry it out at your own risk.

These instructions assume that the Limit Primaries option is enabled in BootIt BM and/or both the source and destination partitions are already in the MBR partition table. It also assumes that the source will be C: and the destination D:.

  1. Boot with a set of OS/2 utility disks.You should receive an [A:\] prompt.
  2. Copy the all the files from the source partition to the destination:

    XCOPY C:\* D:\ /h /o /t /s /e /r /v
  3. If the destination is a FAT partition type:


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