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How to Convert a FAT/FAT32 Partition to NTFS

Important: If you will be using Windows XP to convert the FAT/FAT32 partition to NTFS, please see the note at the bottom of this article before performing the conversion.

To convert a FAT or FAT32 partition to NTFS, use the native Windows NT4/2K/XP CONVERT.EXE utility.  The general format of the command you would want to use is:

CONVERT [driveletter]: /FS:NTFS

For example:


For full information on how to use CONVERT.EXE, enter this command from a command prompt:



Note: Using CONVERT.EXE will result in an NTFS partition with 512-byte clusters.  This is not necessarily a problem.  However, if you want a larger cluster size to be used in the resulting NTFS partition, you must follow these instructions before running CONVERT.EXE as outlined above:

[This procedure will only be effective if you will be using Windows XP's CONVERT.EXE for the conversion.]

  1. In BootIt BM, go into Partition Work.
  2. Select the FAT/FAT32 partition you wish to convert to NTFS.
  3. Click the Align button.
  4. Read the message displayed and click the Continue button.
  5. When the alignment has completed, click the Close button.
  6. Defragmenting the partition at this point (prior to running CONVERT.EXE) is recommended.

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