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How to Configure a BootIt NG Boot Menu Item to Send Keystrokes

This article will explain how to configure a BootIt NG boot menu item to send keystrokes during the boot process. Here are just a couple examples of how the option to send keystrokes with a boot menu item can be helpful:

  • You can have the boot menu item send the F8 key. This will automatically enter the Windows Advanced Options menu, where the Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, and other advanced boot options are listed.

  • You can have a batch file automatically run, if booting into DOS, by having the name of the batch file typed out for you, and having the Enter key sent automatically.

To configure a boot menu item to send keystrokes, proceed as follows:

  1. For general information on how to add and configure boot menu items, please refer to the article How to Add and Configure Boot Menu Items in BootIt NG. On the Add Menu Item or Edit Menu Item window, click the Input button in the Keystrokes section. The Keystrokes dialog appears.

  2. Enter the appropriate keystrokes, in succession, and up to a total of 15. These keystrokes will be bufferred and carried forward when you select this boot menu item, with the exact same effect as if you had entered them manually at that time.

  3. When you are done entering the keystrokes to be sent, press both Shift keys at once to exit the Keystrokes dialog.

  4. Click OK on the Add Menu Item or Edit Menu Item window.

  5. Click OK on the Boot Menu window when you are done configuring boot menu items.

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