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How to Backup Partition Information (EMBR)

You can back up the EMBR for a given hard drive using the Backup option in BootIt NG. Note that backing up the EMBR information is not the same thing as copying or imaging a partition.

To Backup the EMBR:

  1. On the BootIt NG desktop (the maintenance screen), click the Backup button.

  2. In the Backup & Restore dialog box, under Select, click Backup.

  3. Under EMBR, select the check boxes next to each hard drive whose entire first track EMBR information you want to backup.

  4. Optional: To copy the BootIt NG files to a floppy disk, insert a floppy disk, select the BootIt NG check box, and then select either drive A or drive B, as appropriate.

  5. Click OK.

  6. The EMBR of all selected hard disks is backed up to the partition with BootIt NG. If you have also chosen to back up the BootIt NG files, those files plus the other BootIt NG files are copied to a floppy disk.

Please also note the following additional points:

  • You should update the backup after any changes are made to the partitions.

  • If you ever move the EMBRM partition (the partition with BootIt NG installed to it), then you should reinstall BootIt NG so that the pointers on the installation diskette are updated. Note: This applies to a BootIt NG USB flash drive created using MakeDisk, as well as a floppy diskette.

  • If you do lose your partition information and have not saved the backup to a diskette, you can still get to the BootIt NG partition by doing the following:

    1. Boot with the existing installation diskette.
    2. Choose the Access BootIt NG Partition option on the Floppy Boot Menu.

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