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How Do I Update CopyWipe?

This article will explain how to update an existing copy of CopyWipe.

Please note that when you are preparing to update CopyWipe, TeraByte Unlimited recommends using an alternate CD/DVD disc or floppy diskette, rather than reusing the same disc or diskette.  This will allow you to maintain a known-working backup copy of the program and its media.
  1. Download the latest version of CopyWipe, and extract the archive.

  2. How to proceed at this point will depend on whether or not you have chosen to reuse your existing CopyWipe media.

    • If you are creating a new CopyWipe floppy diskette, run the command FORMAT A: /U on the new diskette, to ensure its integrity.  Then, run MakeDisk and follow the prompts to create a new CopyWipe diskette.  If you are a registered user of CopyWipe, you will need to reenter your registration information.

    • If you are reusing an existing CopyWipe floppy diskette, simply overwrite the existing file COPYWIPE.EXE on your diskette with the new copy of the same file.

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