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Hard Drive is Not Shown in BootIt BM

BootIt BM can access the hard drives using the BIOS or directly, depending on the bus option selected. When using BIOS mode, BootIt BM relies on the system's BIOS for hard drive access and information. BIOS information may still be required even when using the BIOS (direct) method. 

You should check the following:

  • Ensure the BIOS has the correct settings for the device on that controller/channel. If it's set to none, then BootIt BM won't be able to see the drive.

  • Some system BIOSes require addtional settings. One such setting is reportedly something similar to Enable advanced ATAPI.

  • Some add-in adapters and BIOSes conflict, which cause the hard drive count in the BIOS to be incorrect. You can remedy this by moving all drives to the same controllers (either on-board or add-in).

  • If you're using a SCSI adapter, then you'll need to ensure the SCSI BIOS is enabled. This setting is typically found in the SCSI adapter's built-in configuration menus, which you access by pressing a special key combination when it tells you to during the booting process (provided the setting to display the key combination hasn't been disabled). 

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