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Error opening terminal when running IFL, TBIView, or OSD Tool Script from Linux Distribution

Important Note (updated 12/7/10): 

The problem described below has been resolved, and can now be fixed by just updating to the latest version of the product in question (IFL, TBIView, OSD Tool Suite, etc.)



Image for Linux (IFL), TBIView, or the OSD Tool Script will not run on a Linux distribution, producing an error message similar to the following:

          Error opening terminal: linux

Note that depending on what type of terminal is in use, the terminal type in the error message may also be xterm, Eterm, rxvt, or any other terminal type being used. Also note that this problem will only occur when attempting to run IFL, TBIView, or the OSD Tool Script from a Linux distribution. It will not occur when running these programs from the IFL Boot Disk.


Starting with the Debian "Squeeze" version of the Debian distribution, as well as some other Debian-based Linux distributions, several symlinks have been removed from the /usr/share/terminfo directory. This causes the affected programs to not be able to find the specific terminfo file they need to open a terminal (such as linux, xterm, Eterm, rxvt, dumb, etc.). This results in the error message shown above, and the affected programs will not be able to run.


As root, create a new symlink by using the sequence of commands shown below for the specific terminal type shown in the error message. Note that there are 3 commands for each terminal type, and they should be executed in the order shown below.

1. For error message "Error opening terminal: linux"

mkdir -p /usr/share/terminfo/l

cd /usr/share/terminfo/l

ln -s /lib/terminfo/l/linux linux


2. For error message "Error opening terminal: xterm"

mkdir -p /usr/share/terminfo/x

cd /usr/share/terminfo/x

ln -s /lib/terminfo/x/xterm xterm


3. For error message "Error opening terminal: rxvt"

mkdir -p /usr/share/terminfo/r

cd /usr/share/terminfo/r

ln -s /lib/terminfo/r/rxvt rxvt


4. For error message "Error opening terminal: dumb"

mkdir -p /usr/share/terminfo/d

cd /usr/share/terminfo/d

ln -s /lib/terminfo/d/dumb dumb


5. For error message "Error opening terminal: Eterm"

mkdir -p /usr/share/terminfo/E

cd /usr/share/terminfo/E

ln -s /lib/terminfo/E/Eterm Eterm



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