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Error Message “Unable to open file” When Creating Image with BootIt NG


While attempting to create an image backup using BootIt NG, the following error message is displayed:

Unable to open file

This error is most likely to occur when backing up one NTFS volume to another (because of the extra memory overhead involved with processing NTFS), and occurs immediately after BootIt NG finishes creating one image file and attempts to create the next.


The system is running out of conventional memory in the DOS or TBOS environment.


Either or both of the following tips may enable you to recover enough conventional memory for the imaging operation to complete successfully:

  • Disable any hardware-related options in BootIt NG that are not needed (e.g. USB 2.0 and/or IEEE 1394 support).

  • Disable mouse support. If you do this, you may wish to review the article Using BootIt NG without a Mouse.

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