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Error Message “SPT < Minimum" Appears when Booting the System


The following error message appears during system boot:

SPT < Minimum


The affected system contains partition(s) that are not aligned to cylinder boundaries, which causes the BIOS to change the geometry to invalid values.

Solution 1 of 2:

Configure the system BIOS to use its LBA Mode or Fixed Geometry setting.

Please note: This method may not resolve the problem on some affected systems.

Solution 2 of 2:

  1. Boot into BootIt BM from the Setup media. When the Installation & Recovery Boot Menu appears, click the Maintenance button and enter Maintenance Mode.

  2. Click the Partition Work button on the BootIt BM desktop.

  3. In Work with Partitions, do the following for each drive:
    1. Select the drive using the Drives drop-down box.
    2. Click the View MBR button.
    3. Click the Fill E-CHS button on the View MBR window.
    4. Click Apply on the View MBR window.

  4. Boot into the installed copy of BootIt BM (not from the BootIt BM Setup media). You may reboot either by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, or by closing the Work with Parittions window and then selecting the Reboot button on the BootIt BM desktop.

  5. In BootIt BM Settings, enable the Align on 1MiB Boundaries option in the Global Geometry and Alignment section.

    Note: If the drives are not using global settings (the default), you will need to enable the Align MBR End HS option in Drive Settings for each drive.

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