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Error Message “PHYLock failed to cache all changes” when Using Image for Windows and PHYLock


You are using Image for Windows with PHYLock and receive the following error message immediately after the PHYLock waiting... message in Image for Windows disappears:

PHYLock failed to cache all changes.  Please increase the cache size in settings.


This issue can occur if PHYLock was originally installed in a previous version of Windows and the system was then upgraded to a newer version. For example, PHYLock was installed in Windows XP and then the system was upgraded to Vista or PHYLock was installed in Vista and then the system was upgraded to Windows 7.


Reinstall PHYLock as follows:
  1. Download the latest version PHYLock, if you do not have it already.

  2. Extract the PHYLock archive and run SETUP.EXE.  The PHYLock Setup window will appear.

  3. Click the Uninstall button on the PHYLock Setup window and then click OK to dismiss the Setup confirmation window.

    • You do not need to reboot at this point.

  4. Run SETUP.EXE again.

  5. Click the Begin Install button on the PHYLock Setup window.

  6. Reboot.

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